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Golden Globe Award-winning Writer, Producer |

Golden Globe Award winner BILL GRUNDFEST  is a three-time US Emmy Award nominated writer-producer, who has also won a Peabody award.

  • Chief China-US consultant for SONY International TV;
  • Creative Officer for China-based production companies Dragonlord Pictures and Houghton Street Media, specializing in TV and film

Led adaptation of hit series Xin Hun Gong Yu (“Newlywed Apartment”), based on NBC’s comedy “Mad About You.” Distributed on pay TV Dragon TV, with secondary airings on the streaming Youku Tudou. 30-hour long episodes produced through Huaso Film/TV Production, a joint venture between Sony and CCTV6’s HuaCheng Pictures. Croton Media is a producer on the series.

This success is based on his ability to share Hollywood “best practices” while maintaining Chinese values and an understanding of Chinese audiences.

His track record of success spans every genre of TV, online TV, film, and live performance – including writing and producing for global telecasts such as The Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and Grammys, plus CBS’ drama “That’s Life,” HBO’s “Mind of a Married Man,” Showtime’s “Pryor Offenses”, Comedy Central’s “Richard Pryor Special”, Viacom’s “female Friends” – “Exes & Ohs.”

He’s also a unique “investment banker,” who reduces risk & increases ROI – by using creative insights which MBA’s who haven’t spent years in Hollywood “writers’ rooms” do not possess, allowing him to: Identify investible projects & guide them to success.

SARFT booked him to deliver a keynote speech – at the Sichuan International TV Festival in Chengdu – on Hollywood best practices.

Bill is also the founder of New York’s legendary “Comedy Cellar” comedy club, now in its 36th year, where he discovered and coached the early careers of stand-up stars including Jon Stewart, Ray Romano, Bill Maher, and Louis CK.

Bill has taught at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business, USC, UCLA, numerous US colleges and business conferences.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, he lives in Bel Air, CA with his wife, two kids, two dogs, two exotic birds, two chickens, a bearded dragon and a rabbit.  There is a Wikipedia page on him at and an IMDB page at