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Sarah Platt

Sarah Platt

Sarah Platt

Head of Int’l Business Development, Wanda Studios |

Sarah Platt has over a decade of experience as a filmmaker. Her motion picture credits include Warren Beatty’s latest film Rules Don’t Apply, Source Code, Untraceable, Blood & Chocolate and Norman.

As a development and production executive at The Koch Company, Platt learned the ropes around a film set from her mentor, Hawk Koch, former President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The two now work closely together, both in developing projects and in implementing production plans on set.

Apart from motion pictures, Platt produced a four-hour experimental film that plays behind Parsifal, which opened at The Metropolitan Opera in 2013 and she was a producer on Funny In Love, a web series supported by FreeMantle.

Currently, Platt heads International Business Development for Wanda Studios.

Platt is a member of the Producer’s Guild of America and sits on the board of The Morningstar Commission.